The Bank supports creative photography and actions in favour of children from disadvantaged backgrounds

Banque de Luxembourg supports the Fondation A Stichting, in Brussels. Through this partnership, the Bank is continuing its philanthropic tradition, providing support to artistic creativity and general interest initiatives.

Exploration of the challenges and contradictions in the photographic image

The Fondation A Stichting, a foundation recognised for promoting the public interest, supports the creation, knowledge and preservation of the photographic image. The Foundation is keen to explore the challenges and contradictions of the image as a document to question a world in which everything is visible. Nothing can really exist unless it is confirmed by an image yet the idea of recording reality in photography is not automatic. What happens to our capacity to see and discern when, in their over-abundance and virtual immediacy, the images surrounding us are rapidly and powerfully becoming more complicated? The Fondation A Stichting project is keen to explore the challenges and contradictions of the image as a document in order to question a world in which everything is visible. The Foundation organises three exhibitions each year.

Platform for the photographic image

The Foundation is located in a former industrial part of the town, an area which has gradually been transformed into a residential neighbourhood with a thriving artistic community. The Foundation plays an active part in the local cultural scene. Through its photographic image platform, the Fondation A Stichting also acts a partner for exhibition and book projects organized in collaboration with Belgian and international cultural institutions.

Support for children from disadvantaged backgrounds

The Fondation A Stichting's Découverte programme offers activities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The educational project is based on the concept of cooperative and active learning, largely through research, observation, experimentation and exchange. Children and students are invited to meet the artists before the exhibition opens. In lively spontaneous discussions, the artists tell them about their life and photographic achievements and answer a host of questions. Guided visits and workshops on reading and writing the photographic image are also organised for young people throughout the exhibition.

Photography and travel merge – the camera holds the memory

Until 26 June 2016: Koji Onaka's Lucky Cat exhibition.
Koji Onaka (born 1960 in Nogata, an island in southern Japan) studied at the Tokyo College of Photography. In 1982, he embarked on a career as a freelance photographer and soon developed his own photographic style. His black and white photos are imbued with a smoky grey mist, almost crystallising his subjects in the past. Steeped in melancholy and mystery, his pictures seem to transcend the laws of time. They offer a succession of moments in pictures composed instinctively as Koji Onaka travelled incessantly outside Japan's megacities, with no precise aim or predefined subject, stumbling upon villages that seem doomed to extinction. He is less concerned with documenting the places than revealing their emotional charge, leaving the viewer the possibility of interpreting each image according to his or her own sensitivity.

Fondation A Stichting
Av. Van Volxem, 304, Brussels (Forest)

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