“Every wealthy family has a story. Many people help write it.”

Every family has its own story. Your wealth encompasses your family’s assets, your business, as well as your material and intangible assets. It is the product of a life's work, and sometimes of several generations. Our aim is to be by your side so we can look after your wealth over the long term and thereby contribute to helping you achieve your ambitions.


Pierre Ahlborn, Administrateur-délégué


Comprehensive understanding of your needs

The role of a wealth manager is about much more than managing money. It requires a close and comprehensive understanding of your needs and those of your family. The challenges you face are becoming increasingly complex and often have an international dimension.

You want your bank to take a holistic approach to managing your wealath that is adapted to your and your family’s plans, whether the issue at hand is an investment, growing your wealth, or preparing for your retirement or succession.


An attentive and responsible Bank


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